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Access cash from anywhere and from anyone.

With MobileKasa, it is possible to access cash from anywhere except ATM or Bank.

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MobilKasa | Bidirectional Use

MobileKasa, everyone and SMEs can access to cash in daily life; It will be a new physical channel and marketplace platform that allows access via smartphones from anywhere except ATMs or Banks.

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What are the Use cases and Benefits of MobileKasa?


• Physical difficulties in ATM access.
• Density when cash usage increases.
• The need for cash exchange between individuals.


• 50% discount on ATM vehicles (OPEX)
• ATM Network optimization.
• Customer, Deposit and Income credit.

Retails/ SMEs

• Reduction in the risk of robbery, fraud and cash.
• Earns commission income from Mobilekasa.
• New customer acquisition, Promotion, increase in visits.

Cash In Transit Companies

• Use of idle armored vehicle capacity.
• New customer profile (SME) acquisition.
• Increase in customer satisfaction and market share.


• Reduction in the informal economy, tax gains.
• Less cash emissions, less cash circulation and inflation with less ATMs.

Call the nearest company to you and it will deposit your cash safely in your bank for you...

Here Everything Is That Easy!

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